Creative People Say No
Kevin Ashton

Hi Kevin!

Extremely interesting approach, considering the fact that within the creative industries one would always get advise on saying ‘yes’ to everything that comes to his attention.

However, “Creating consumes” — this does sum up everything.
People do tend to base their understanding of being creative on movies, where the ‘creator’ was apparently born with this amazing ability to code & just does it effortlessly whenever he likes. Another thing that strikes me a lot is the whole stereotype around the word «creative» — it does not mean painting your ass away, it actually takes a lot of knowledge, work and personal development — just like any other skill, for example flying a jet.

We have recently published an article exploring this theme further, how it is important to take time and actually BE more creative, regardless of what your job is. We could not agree more that it all takes study and practice and the true courage to be able to say «no», focusing solely on your own work.

All the best,
Chainy Team