More industries. More skills. More greatness.

Today was a big day for all of us at Chainy. We’ve done something huge, seriously!

We are excited to introduce more industries and more skills on our platform. We have initially focussed on 5 key industries since our launch in August last year (namely music, photography, design, film and fashion). We have expanded into 9 additional industries, meaning that we are now covering 14 creative fields, almost tripling our original offering! Introducing our new creative line up:

  • Architecture
  • Arts / crafts
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Events
  • Fashion
  • Film / TV
  • Marketing / advertising
  • Music
  • Photography
  • PR / communications
  • Radio
  • Theatre
  • Writing

We have introduced 147 new skills that fall under these industries meaning that we now have a total of 343 unique skills available for you to best describe your talents. We’ve met some remarkable creatives on our platform and have been influenced by how diverse each individual can be. You can now select up to 10 skills that define you best, which will increase your exposure to opportunities on Chainy. Thank you so much for keeping our inbox active with your skill suggestions — we will make sure we carry on adding relevant ones into our database!

More skills and more industries now mean:

  • a larger network of creatives to connect with
  • a larger number of opportunities to engage in
  • an increased sea of artwork to discover by our community

This helps us pursue our mission of increasing cross-industry collaboration even further.

Help us grow the community by inviting your friends to our creative family at Chainy — together we will connect all creative people of the world to create phenomenal pieces of art.

May the creativity be with you,

Your Chainy Team and Vika x

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