Our Farewell Message

© Timur Zatybekov Photography

Dear Friends,

We have not been in touch for a while. So, here is why.

We have launched Chainy in August 2014 with a vision to help creative people of the world to find amazing opportunities and achieve greatness. We spoke to thousands of creatives. Spent many sleepless nights brainstorming and building things. Growing our team to be able to spread the love even further. We tried different things: we have started with simple collaboration opportunities and ended up working on huge projects with the world’s leading brands and partners.

However, we have felt like something is missing.

So, on one of the early mornings this year our team sat down for a long-waited chat. We all expressed what we felt. We all listened to each other. And this is what we have realised: we are not channeling all our energy in the right direction. So we have made one of the hardest decisions in our lives — we have decided to stop working on Chainy and find better ways of expressing our passions. We have decided to complete all the work with the outstanding projects and then sign off with a true and honest message to everyone who has shared this journey with us. This is exactly the reason for this email.

They say, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. And we would like to thank every single one of you, who has made it a truly unique and memorable journey for us — the journey on which strangers turned into friends, and friends into family. Something that we will cherish. Always. Forever.

Let’s stay in touch. And let’s say a big yes to the new great beginnings.

May the creativity be with you!

Your Chainy Team