Power of Creative Minds on the Web (Part 1/2)

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This week’s topic is the power of the creative minds in the digital age. This week we will be discussing how the creative mind can push for change and achieve it — and next week we’ll discuss the flip side of the argument, that the power of people on the internet can actually be harmful.

So, creatives can share their ideas with anyone in the world, reach a wider audience than ever before, get opinions from millions of people, and make a difference to major decisions made by firms and governments, now more than ever before. An example is the petitions site for the White House, or change.org. Recently and increasingly, this phenomenon has become particularly applicable to creatives in the media. Some of you might have seen Taylor Swift’s letter of criticism to Apple Music for not paying the artists on the service during the three-month trial, the company followed up with a U-turn and agreeing to pay the creatives. As a result, she has uploaded her “1989” album onto the Apple Music service, making it the only service to have that album online.

Another U-turn by a firm recently was by Valve, which introduced paid mods on Steam for Skyrim, a popular open-world game which has attracted mod developers to create the most stunning (and silly) mods for everyone’s enjoyment. Bethesda (the video game publisher which created Skyrim) and Valve would receive 75% of the revenue. This, understandably, outraged fans and developers alike, who saw it as a radical change from the tradition of free mods and stated that the paid system would incentivise smaller mods rather than larger, immersive ones that the Steam community is known for. Only after a week of backlash on Steam, Reddit, Facebook and more, Valve has reversed their decision, citing “We’ve done this because it’s clear we didn’t understand exactly what we were doing (…) we’ve been shipping many features over the years (…) in the past, they’ve been received well. It’s obvious now that this case is different.” From the point of view of the mod developers and the fans too, this has been an astounding success — not only is the “unfair” decision been overturned, but this serves as example that creative minds can stand their ground and get what they deserve.

You can read about Taylor Swift’s letter to Apple Music and about the paid mods on Steam in the “source” section below to get more information if you’re interested.

So, the question up for discussion now is whether the internet’s power to individuals makes a positive difference to solving issues — whether it be a firm’s decision, stopping a dictator or fighting poverty. We’ve asked the Chainy developers (co-brothers) on their opinions:


What truly intrigues me is the extent to which creativity and the freedom of mind are revolutionary in the crazy world that we are living in today. Just think for a moment: what do you need to change the world today? Unlike 50 years ago where you needed power and authority, all you need today is an idea. Idea that is crazy, idea that is worth talking about and idea that is worth following. What is fascinating is that to make a difference in the world today — you only need that idea. Because you already have the rest: have an idea, add YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and you are suddenly ready to start talking into the digital “megaphone”. You are suddenly ready to start telling a story which, if you do it right, can be heard and will be heard by millions.

What is more interesting is that in the world where we, as one large Earth’s Family, are you creating more content than our previous generations did in centuries, the only limit on the magnitude of change we can do is us. It is our mind. And it is our true creativity. It is the extent to which we can touch something that every single person has deep inside of them — their heart and soul. If we manage to do it right and create an emotional appeal, build that emotional connection between ourselves and our followers when telling the story, then the impact of creative mind is endless.

Then, the only other requirement left for creative mind to be bring unbelievable results is for the creative actions to start taking place.


For me there is no clear answer to this question.

Clearly Internet is great for helping to raise awareness of certain issues. Just remember how ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took the whole internet by storm! It helped the cause to raise over $150 million dollars! That’s awesome right? Internet is great! Creatives can not only change issues of firm decisions, but also come together to raise money for a good cause, and the range of projects and goals that can be achieved is simply amazing.


The example of Kickstarter campaigns show that the combined power of individuals could really help fund interesting projects that otherwise would not be able to happen. For instance, Pebble’s campaign raised $10,266,845 in May 2012 with more than 85,000 backers. It allowed the company to sell 400,000 smart watches in its first year. So individuals can actually help realise some very interesting projects.


The scale of the internet holds its true essence, and the best part is that we all have the key to it. Yes, scale introduces complexities and areas of abuse, however these are all expected factors to take account of with growth.
Power is achieved by those who create simplicity. Let’s consider Uber, Facebook and Air BnB for instance. All these successful giants have access to the same information on the internet, yet they’ve achieved their excellence by proposing simple solutions. Applying a combination of filters to the same information transforming data into valuables.

The consistent growth of the internet presents areas of repetition of data and ‘solutions’; competition will drive innovation and creativity in the tech ecosystem, yet markets will converge and the strongest players will persist. I believe with the ever growing population of the internet, individuals who have a clear vision and strategy of self-representation and promotion, maintain a solid chance at success. The internet has leveraged connections towards the creation of communities online. Keep consistent for there may be a niche audience waiting for you. If you play your cards right, the internet will prove to be a significant facilitator towards achieving an independent online-persona.

All in all, this topic, though fascinating is also very multi-faceted. So far we’ve discussed the many positive sides of creatives being able to bring about change, but there is also a darker side to this topic, which you’ll find out about next week!

We’ve provided you with some food for thought (hopefully), we hope you enjoy the article, and as always we’re happy to hear your thoughts in the comments!

If you’ve got a minute, why not read Part 2 of this blog over here?

In the meanwhile, have a great rest of the week, and may creativity be with you!

The Chainy Team

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