Technology and The Evolution of Storytelling
The Academy

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Thank you for your Post! Want to share our view too :)

The goal of technology within the film/cartoon industry is to create or improve existing images without being noticed.The argument is — people usually have hard time accepting something that is beyond their understanding, however with any film the approach itself should be different. The aim of any filmmaker (and this is why actors never look directly at the camera) is for the film to 101% absorb its viewer into the constructed reality — for him or her to live alongside the characters.

To recognize that cold computer science would one day help building the warmest Toy Story is incredible, however the technology should very much BE disguised from viewer’s understanding, otherwise the film defeats its own purpose.

We very much agree with the fact that it is incredible what technology can do and living in the digital age it gives an opportunity for us to create something we could only wonder about before — from What Dreams May Come (1998) to Gravity (2015) or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) to Frozen (2013), the amount of computer work behind those is almost overwhelming yet it supposed to remain invisible, and the art of it is fascinating. We’ve explored this topic further here — give it a read, because there is nothing quite like mixing art with science and it is up to an individual whether to accept it or not.

All in all, that was an insightful presentation.

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