My short journey to local libraries in Aarhus: A library is more than a place.

Chaeah Park
Nov 4, 2018 · 5 min read

Hi there, it’s me again.

An workshop at Aarhus Mini Maker Faire organized by Dokk1

Visiting local libraries in Aarhus:

The Gellerup Library in Aarhus

1. The first journey to the Gallerup Library : Seeing was not enough!

2. The second journey to Viby library to find the value of libraries in Denmark

The Viby Library
The drawings hanging on the walls in the Viby Library
The section for kids where books, toys and color pencils are prepared.

2.1. The root of Danish libraries

If you want to dig more about Grundtvig, check this video.

2.3. A library is more than a place.

3. Now it’s time to apply what I learned!

Chaeah Park

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Lifelong Learner | I am just a particle of cosmic dust.

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