Hitting a Pause

Have you ever felt the need
To hit the pause button
Stop your ever racing thoughts
Get off that hamster wheel
Of wanting more.

When one thing is here
We’re ready to run and get the next
Yes, life’s all about moving forward
But can’t it be more peaceful?

The elegant move of the river
The enveloping presence of air
Flapping of bird wings
Blossoming of a flower
Moving from sunrise to sunset
It’s all so effortless.

Then why can’t I just be
In the moment of flow
Off routing the race track
To a slow run into the woods
No thoughts , no memories
Just breathing and experiencing life.
I wonder how that’ll feel!

Mental health has suddenly become the hot topic worldwide. It is lovely to see so many people warming up to the idea that they can and must reach out to professionals for help. In my opinion, visiting a trained therapist/ counsellor is like going for a regular health check-up. Our mental health is as important as our physical health.

We all are slowly becoming aware that our mental state can have its effect on our bodies. However, so many are afraid to take the first step towards therapy and it’s only natural to have those apprehensions. …

We live in a nice global village where everyone can look up anyone, we can voice opinions loud and clear through the social media (sometimes unnecessarily), and news keeps us updated of the tinniest development on about everything! In short, it is a beautiful place to be..unless you decide to be authentic, honest and pull off the socially correct mask!

With the pandemic, the global village has witnessed its very first massive slow down, forcing us to look within and seek what we really want. …

We are all so acutely aware of our physical realities but how many of us can claim that we understand our internal, emotion and mental realities too? Our living worlds as we know it, can be categorised as internal and external or we can call them- the inner and outer life. Each of these play a vital role. Understanding both these aspects helps us live a balanced life.

I truly believe that we are mere reflections of our inner worlds. It’s the basic lens through which we experience and make sense of our outer reality.

So here’s a small yet…

We are all a buildup of our past experiences, values and beliefs that help us lead our life. Some of these are our own whereas most of them were taught to us by our parents/guardians or societies we grew up in. Hence, often times we are unaware as to what is ours and what was imposed. Among these are notions — the beliefs we hold dear without realising that they are detrimental to our growth.

Some notions are so engrained within our psyche that we are not only staunch believers of them but also transfer them to the next generations…

We all have been taught the magic of setting goals and achieving them, however, we usually work so hard to achieve goals only for the outside world like — money goals, fitness goals etc. But have we ever tried to make goals for our internal world? How about having a goal to feel more grounded, content, at peace etc?

All the wise men that have ever walked the planet before us have time and again told us “lasting progress/change must always be inside out and not outside in.”

That’s precisely why I am hoping to turn this whole practice of…

It’s been a long time
Since I sat down with my anxious mind
I welcomed the quietude
That I earlier dismissed

It washed me over
In graded waves
First it simply nudged
Where I was extremely agitated
With the sudden flow of thoughts

It caused me to become restless
And I tried to run away
By the means of distractions

It drowned for awhile
And surfaced again
This time the thoughts amplified
I felt the urge to run away
Double the distractions
Cause well didn’t it work the last time ?

Yet again it drowned for awhile
There was normalcy…

There’s a lot to be said when it comes to describing an authentic person. Mostly it means being true to oneself, being genuine and taking responsibility for your actions. However, do we really understand what it takes to be an authentic person? When I started on this journey of unraveling authenticity for myself with the sole goal of reaping its benefits — greater confidence, better relationships with others and myself, better health and the likes, and it hit me to realise that I don’t know how to be authentic.

Over the course of a few years of toying with the…

What I’ve learnt through life,
Is that it’s always darkest before light..
When things aren’t going how you’d like,
Your mind will play tricks,
Cooking up a million lies !
But that’s the time to look inside.
For there’s a silent voice,
And it’s always right.

Call it instinct or gut,
Maybe even the heart’s voice ,
It’s buried deep inside ..
But it’s your guide.

It calls you,
And speaks to you..
Through your body
Cause that’s where it resides.

Change in mood
When you find something good,
The feelings
Thats it’s tool,
To get you to it.

Every once in awhile
Peek into your inner world..
The voice patiently awaits
To sing you the truths of life.

The pandemic has taught us some tough lessons. Although, it’s been a very personal journey for each of us, wading through the lockdown, we can all agree that despite all resistance, we as a collective and as individuals were forced to slow down and look at things differently.

As you read this, many of us are either reemerging from our pandemic hibernation or are already on our way to accepting the stretching affects of the virus on our lives. Either ways, a lot among us have battled fiercely.

Some were locked away at home alone and know what it is…

Chaitali Hiroo Gursahani

Writer | Counselor

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