Why I hate Indian news channels

Tune in to an Indian entertainment channel you will find the classic Indian television industry daughter-in-law & mother-in-law story. Recently there have been changes, instead of daughter-in-law it has been the son-in-law who fights with his mother-in-law. But the Indian news channels have not changed a bit. I think they have gone worse. Every time I tune in to any Indian news channel I get forced to see the same thing — the same old politics. It seems like India is nothing else than a political centre when you watch news.

I don’t get why they have to show politics all day long. NEWS FLASH — “Some random Member of Parliament of some random political party (mostly part of the ruling Government) has done some random thing”. Yes that’s the news flash. It seems like the men in power just always want to be in the news or these news channels have for sure being bought by the other political parties to slaughter each other.

Then there comes interviews & debates. Who is on the panel? NEWS FLASH — “Today on the panel we have a Member of Parliament, a Member of Legislative Assembly, a former Judge of some High Court, a Social Activist, a “Senior” Journalist, a Political Adviser of some random political party and a member from the common ranks of another random political party.“ What’s the topic for the debate? NEWS FLASH — “On the agenda we have today — Why did the Leader of Opposition become the Leader of Opposition?”. I know it’s shit! And I know it’s politics.

If it’s your lucky day then you might get to watch some serious news. NEWS FLASH — “Bride rides a horse to her marriage. Radhe Maa may be a participant at Big Boss XxxX Zara Hatke. Parrot predicts India-Pakistan cricket match result, said it would rain and it rained!”

Sports news? I would just give an example for this. Before the match — “Can India beat South Africa and keep its former glory?” During the match, the captain doesn’t score runs so the post-match news goes something like this — “Captain gets out for 10. Wasted 6 balls to score just 10 runs! He should not play in the next match. His time is over.” After second match where captain scores a hundred — “Captain scores a hundred! Team wins. Team back to number 1 place in rankings. He should continue playing for another 20 years!” You get it, right?

Last but not the least, Indian news channels always make their own judgement and they think they are the Chief Justice of India. Say a murder case comes up. Police releases facts for the news channels. Police is still investigating and is yet to file a charge sheet against the accused. Let’s add that the police is still looking for the accused. But what Indian news channels show, NEWS FLASH — “In the random murder case, the random accused person is yet to be arrested by the police. Everything is against him. We declare him the murderer!”

So these were the 4 reasons for why I hate Indian news channels.

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