Environmental Issue Game designed with Blender

Hi everybody, this is about a game I designed with Blender, called Chichi Reef Warrior. It falls under the broad category of “serious games”.. ie: games that deal with real world issues.. in this case pollution and destruction of coral reefs around the world.

You play as Chichi, a fish with the ability to clean up toxic spills, rescue fish trapped in plastic debri and discover hidden treasure. Its in a top down view and uses touch and drag gameplay for ease of use .. mainly designed for young players and parents who want their kids to be aware of such ecological disasters.. without bumming them out.

The original game was created by Arvind Prabhakar a friend from Design School.. it was a 2d pixe art scroller. Over the years we did various iterations of it while at Flip Design.. and this is the most recent version I developed with Deepthy Menon of http://www.one3one4.com/

The artwork is all done on Blender — modelling, texture painting and animation, then put together on Unity3D. It was very low poly because we were planning on releasing on multiple platforms.. and are a 2 person team with a deadline.. handling multiple levels of detail would have been a nightmare.

Here are some screenshots..

Lion Fish are upsetting the balance at most coral reef around the world.. they are a menace and are causing a serious decline in various species. Hence they were the perfect choice as the bad guys in our game. The animation for this character was very basic, to keep the game light.

To transfer the models to unity, we used to use the fbx format, but with recent versions of Unity one can import Blend files themselves.. however we were already used to the fbx export/import workflow, so continued using it for the most part.

We didnt want the game to become too preachy and monotonous, so we decided to add a sunken treasure aspect to it.. heres one of the props.. a ship wreck.

And heres a video:

The game was initially released on ios. Now we’ve fixed a lot of old bugs, improved the gameplay and artwork(all done in Blender) and re-released on Android and Facebook(Ios re-release is pending app store approval)

Heres the Android version(Free)- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deepthy.chichi

PC (free), via Facebook(Firefox and other Unity player supporting browsers) - https://www.facebook.com/ChichiReefWarrior

Heres the IOS (free)version - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/chichi-reef-warrior/id557189779?mt=8

A detailed review of the game itself by one of our beta testers -http://seriousgamesmarket.blogspot.in/2015/05/chichi-reef-warrior-simple-addictive.html