Artificial Intelligence

Popularized in science fiction, artificial intelligence is no longer merely a figment of our imaginations. In the past few years, the technology has moved from research labs into our everyday lives. It’s being used in medical devices, smart-home systems, and video games and artificial intelligence started to outsmart humans .

Deep learning also will enable machines to predict a person’s needs. Intelligent systems, he says, will be able to make decisions far more accurately and faster than humans can, and we’re already starting to see that happen. Research says that the robots in the near future will be modified to such an extent that it becomes the replica of a human and does everything an individual does. 
This is what artificial intelligence does and will do in the future. But according to me, artificial intelligence is useful for only a certain section of mankind. To say it in a clear way, artificial intelligence is used in cars and its effect is clearly seen in the form of automatic sensor cars. But this is useful only for the people who can afford to buy a car. Artificial intelligence is used in video games and in the near future, it is expected to do all works a normal human can do. But can every single citizen afford to maintain a robot is my question.

Then a section of people answered me that only people who can afford will have them. Then what about the condition of the people who cannot. We all know about our mindsets very well. The people who cannot afford them will definitely be treated into a low class. And the jobs which a poor person does, They are mostly the works which never need brain but a lot of physical strain. If these people are replaced by the robots, then how will the five fingers of that people go into their mouth. They lose their earning. This section of people are not less to be neglected. About seventy percent of people in the world live under poverty line. This artificial intelligence finds useful only for the remaining thirty percent of people.

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, luxuries are modified , not necessities ……