The world you see today is not the same tomorrow. We are customizing our lives day by day. We have developed from a stage of comforts to luxuries and on the other side from poor to poverty. We bridged a gap between ourselves. A man is merely becoming a giraffe. The distance between heart and the head (brain) is increasing day by day. In addition to it, we increased the gap between person to person even. We give much importance to a brain rather than a heart.

Rampant individuality is ruling our world which in turn is affecting our lives. When I view it in my mind, I am reminded of the fearful immensity of the meeting of the three mighty rivers where I found myself unprepared in the blackness of universal menace.

With the development of technology day by day, individuality is also creating a path for its development. We stopped listening to the classes when we found a world in a computer. We stopped talking to people around us when we found a world in a cell phone. Marriages became food festivals. This individuality has become a very big problem which is in turn leading to many threats. An evil is developing inside all of us and it started showing its effect by giving birth to inferiority and inequality. That evil is individuality. These three combine together to surround us in a world of illusion where ego is self respect and love is an attraction. That illusion is what we are actually living in now. We fight for freedom in almost every instance. From the world, we need freedom and then we found house. In house we need freedom from family and then we created a room. Is that really called freedom?? A simple man from the village will tell what freedom is. Freedom from isolation of the self, from the isolation of things. He knows that freedom is not the mere negation from bondage, in the bareness of our belongings, but in some positive realization which gives pure joy to our being. Then in what position does the freedom for material possessions stand??

Know the true freedom and strive for it and kill the individuality which is burning your inner self. Try to enjoy and cherish the moments in and around you. A sunrise, a blossoming flower or the dancing trees are the most beautiful things a man can ever see in the nature.

A man will always reach an age where man doesn’t search for persons but cherish the moments happened in your past. So keep some moments for your future. Talk with the people around, waste a tear for the poor and leave a smile on their face by doing something. All these social evils will get eradicated. You have to just talk with people around and that’s where the world exists and happiness lives……

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