The most hypothetical topic running in everyone’s mind is the existence of the so called God. Actually our society always undergoes separation. We differentiate from one specie to another specie. Again in the category of a specie called homo sapiens, we categorize everyone by many terms like color,caste ,creed, religion and so on. We abuse each other’s religion and caste in order to prove that our style of living is the correct one. In this process, we forgot what religion is.

Some people realized this and started to reach for the purpose of religion by learning from the roots of the religion based society. But sadly in their distinctive search for truth in the religion, either they dwarfed and deformed it in the mould of the primitive distortions of their own race mind or shut their god within the temple walls and scriptural walls safely away from the world.
God is left all alone in this highly busy world. The true meaning of God remained vague in our minds only because the consciousness of spiritual unity has been thwarted. A constant fight always goes on about the presence of the so called God. To say it simply, the almighty has lost it’s identity in this technically successful world.

The question of God’s presence raises only due to the lack of knowledge created in the minds of people about the things available unknowingly but freely in the world. We always live in a thought that all the facts of the world will actually sum up to god but it’s not the sum of all the facts bit the sun behind all the facts. This kind of wrong perceptions made us to start searching for the omnipresent and this search gives nothing. The truth is much away from presence and absence. In this search, people just get an answer by which they satisfy but not the one which makes them happy and pushes them into peace….

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