I’m in love with my life

I work as a Software Development Engineer at Stayzilla.com, Chennai. Yes, I’m from India — the poor country, isn’t it? Hell no.

I live in a rented house around four and a half miles from my office. It’s not a big house. But I live alone, so it fits me. My company doesn’t impose restrictions on my work timings and I like it.

No one decides when I work.

My sleep-wake cycle is irregular and I like it. I usually leave to office at 9 AM. The normal wake-up time implies a very healthy sleep — not too much, not too less and a bright wake-up mood. When I wake up to the feeling of punching someone in the face, which is usually the morning sun, I better go back to sleep. I also wake up early in the morning at 5 AM when I’m woken up by Martin Luther King Jr.

I have a dream that one day, I shall wake up and live out the true meaning of my life.

I don’t have a cook at home. So I need to make my own breakfast, or the way I put it — I get to make my own breakfast. Indian breakfasts are awesome. I was brought up amongst people of different cultural backgrounds — the Telugus, Tamilians, Malayalis, the North Indians at school and the East Indians at college. So there is a good enough chance that I’ve tasted upto 70% of Indian cuisine. The traditional Indian breakfasts — idli,

The Indian Breakfast

But the above delicacies my friends need expertise to make. I hope to create robots which can one day, make these for me. So till then, they need my mother. I decided otherwise — I shall not succumb to petty reasons like this and go to a restaurant, shell out bucks and pay for my breakfast. So, I make my own breakfast. Thanks to my salary, I bought a bread toaster, a water boiler in the first month. Thanks to my landlord, I have a microwave oven and a refrigerator at home. What else did I need? Raw ingredients — bread, burger buns, croissants, rusks, ketchup, Nutella, soup mixes and what not. Every morning, almost every morning, I have a hot cup of green tea, two Nutella sandwiches and a snickers. Pretty enough.

I have a auto-rickshaw driver as a friend-cum-business partner who has thankfully agreed to get me to office everyday, even after telling him my erratic office schedules. He patiently gets me to office — be it at 7AM or 11AM. Not forgetting about the traffic in Chennai, it terribly horrible. Owing to the fact that I haven’t been in other metropolises, I can vouch that Chennai is one of India’s most busy cities. The ride costs me Rs. 150, which is quite comfortable, noting that it’s a seven kilometer journey.

I have a morning ride playlist. I’m quite picky about music.

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