The Offline Ad Network — eCommerce

Just read that Flipkart ( The Indian eCommerce giant) has launched commerce advertising platform

Finally something which opens a additional revenue model for them and investors can also start dreaming again that finally balance sheet will show some real profit. That’s a right step, considering the volume they are operating on.

Digital is one thing, but I wonder why these eCommerce companies don’t understand their offline potential, They have reach direct to customer’s house and customer’s hand and they can start exploring some offline revenue model there also. Offline is underrated, but still it works and following is just one example.

What if they should have started attaching flyer/booklet of the offer deals with every order before 30 days of sale, it should have went unnoticed and visibility would have been great.


They could have start sending sale offers branded carry bags with each order and we Indian love free carry bags and don’t mind flaunting it :)

That’s just an example for, they can open this mode of advertisement to other brands and even small shops.

Example — A new pediatric hospital is opening at pin code 560103 and they go on Flipkart, upload their flyer/offer sheet and select how many unique order they want this to be added and the category like with every baby product it should be attached. I assume this will be more effective then mass emailing.

Now what‘s the thought on following

The delivery van/trucks of eCommerce companies ply all over the city, what if they allow these also to be re branded.

The public transports or these standalone advertiser’s don’t have access inside apartment societies or the tech park’s. but eCommerce companies has and their truck wait for atleast 10–15 mins at premises, in my tech park it stands for hours as they come with hundred+ orders.

Every idea is great (small or big), what matter is effective execution.

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Just a thought

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