2 months ago . What going on?

  1. I have bought DATSUN 620 my truck on 28/11/2014 that I wish on time (before Nov this year) but a big debt (Illustrator pic for write is on net)
  2. I have go to North Korea on This Chrismas Holiday.
  3. Meet more people and place for make my home.

What is my Home?

This book name is the inspiration for me when I was young to finding the big forest to make it.

Yes , It on Chiang Mai Thiland. but 3 months after now I will have a time to find it. Because I will go to South Korea for make a money.

Memory on This blog “ Dream it still a dream action and wish is mirror of your dream and take time wait and see. It come true by goodness in yours.

( I am make meditation when I was 23 year old until now 39.) It my belive.

Do you know I don’t know about my life on the future such as go to aboard on 2 months ago in that time . I just write on this and wish in my mind.

I think I still a dream.

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