I Did NOT Call For An Alliance With White Nationalists, You Fucking Idiots
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m a fan and find your roguish, shake-it-up thinking (with heart!) is just what us stuffy, self-righteous Lefties need to hear. I’m also a fan of CP, including Jeffrey St. Claire (he writes about grizzly bears after all). But he also has blind spots as did his mentor, Alex Cockburn, who considered the exceptional Paleolithic artwork inside France’s Chauvet cave to be fake! And I don’t mean the truly fake cave art recently painted for the tourists. St. Claire also got CP dropped from the infamous, Prop-or-Not Fake News list (maybe by agreeing that the ‘Deep State’ doesn’t exist?).

Keep your chin up and keep on clicking that keyboard. I’m all for us getting out of our ideological silos and into collaborating across camps on issues that matter, like stopping war. I especially value your views on Russia, Syria, and the neocons. I sometimes wish political labels could be banned. What does ‘hard center’ mean? I agree with much of what Cameron Freeman says above and hope you’ve read his own piece (on George Webb investigation) also in Medium. As Big Media collapses, the controlling powers are trying their best to influence alternate outlets, by telling folks what they want to hear, or by infiltrating ‘open source’ investigations, and just when you think there’s a breakthrough it turns out to be a psychological operation. The following site, of course, has its own ‘suspect’ agenda, but the scoop on Mike Cernowich is worth heeding.


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