Apple Mail Productivity Tip

I have been using the Apple Mail app in my iPhone 6s for quite some time now. The main thing that pushed me to switch and try Apple Mail instead of my favorite Outlook app was the 3d Touch Glance support. But that is not the productivity tip I want to talk about.

Our days are busy and its easy to get swamped by the emails you may get, especially if you haven’t created filters or rules that could redirect your mails to different folders other than the Inbox.

Apple Mail goes one step further and provides automatic smart folders that lets you focus on key mailboxes:

I didn’t realize how time saving these smart folders are until I realized I no longer spend a lot of time responding to emails. This by default triages my incoming mail.

Bonus points if you have configured your VIP list as well.

To enable these smart folders:

  • Hit Mailboxes on the top left when you are in the Inbox.
  • Scroll down and select the ones you need

Try it out and share if you have been successful with this productivity hack!