A House Full of Laugh is a HOME FULL OF LOVE

As days go by, we both are getting busier, and we find it hard to chat daily for hours as we both are worn out. Sooner or later, we will not be able to see each other very often because he is leaving the city to work in various provinces for quite a long period of time or maybe we are not going to see each other for two years. I cannot imagine how much I am going to miss him when he is away. Although we cannot talk for hours, but I am super delighted to receive at least one text a day or at least a few mn calling from him everyday. This is very warm, and I am very thankful to today technology which keeps us being close no matter how far we are.

Anyway, we just finished talking on phone a while ago, and while we were chatting, he asked me, imagine if a husband and a wife live in a house full of laugh, what will it be like? I did not answer him at that time because I was busy imagining that lovely moment. I seemed to get stuck with his question somehow.

Well, to me, that is a real home which is full of love, and I keep dreaming (not only me; I guess many couples keep dreaming of having this home) of owning that home with him and our children. A HOUSE FULL OF LAUGH IS A HOME FULL OF LOVE!

Quantity is important but quality is worth even more. Everyone demands to have a big house to live, but a big house means nothing if there is only argument, no happiness happening among family members. That is why it is very crucial to focus on quality first and quantity later.

Let’s keep dreaming about our own home, and one day we will live there with our love ones.

Good luck, ladies!

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