Priceless lessons my first full-time job taught me

As soon as I knew I could transfer credits from my exchange program in South Korea, I started to apply for a job. It took me about one month to be able to find my official first job. I worked as a public relations account assistant and assistant to TV producer and after 4 months, I became an English news TV producer. During my 8 months working at an agency, I have earned the following precious lessons in career life.

Ability to deal with people: Life of people working at agency is never an easy life. Everyone in the agency tries to work so hard to satisfy their clients. Even they receive calls during very great dinner with family or even if they are on holidays, they still need to pick up their phone to answer clients’ questions. Different client has different attitudes, and yes, I experienced working with one client who is very stubborn. She does not understand much about public relations and media industry, and that is why her company comes to my agency for help. While my team were trying to deliver services, she always tried to adjust all the things we did for her company by using her own format, and we kept advising her that her format does not fit to media ethics; as a result, it will lower the brand as well. Initially, she still kept adjusting every work basing on her style, but after my team kept explaining her again and again, she took our advices into consideration. Explanation always work with ground reasons, but the amount of time of learning to accept the explanation varies from one person to another. If that person is very stubborn, it will take longer time than usual. Having a chance to meet and deal with various people from different backgrounds is the most valuable lesson I learn even I have to suffer much.

Propose what you want: every boss is very busy. If you want to do something or have any idea, propose. Never fear of making suggestion! If you are still scared of making proposal, discuss among your fellow colleagues about your proposed idea and let’s see what their comments are. During my first 3-month working period, my boss was very busy with his business in other country. Thus, I did not learn anything from him. I only did my job based on my own way which I learnt from college. As soon as he came back from abroad, I immediately asked for a meeting with him to inform him about my proposal. I am very keen of learning new things, so I proposed him to show me how I should do my job in a better way by basing on his more than 25-year experiences in this media field. After receiving my proposal, he shared me some time to get guidance from him.

Cry if you want to: my boss did not want to see me cry and I am sure every boss does not want to see us cry. However, if the situation is very tough, just cry out loud alone or cry to your colleauges. I myself have never wanted to cry in front of anybody including my boss, but since my feeling is very sensitive, I really cannot bear my tears in front of my boss or anyone else when they have a talk with me. Also, there are some bitches living in this world, and you might meet one or a few of them that you cannot really do anything about it. Thus, feel free to cry to release your stress and worry but get fresh after that and try to find solutions for your issues! You should be weak for a few minutes or a day only and bounce back to your strength after that to cope with problems.

Got ignored: Sometimes hard work is not always recognised, so all you need to do is to communicate much with your boss so that you can feel you are closer to him/her and this will allow your boss to pay more attention on your work. While I was working at my first workplace, I did not talk much with my boss and he somehow ignore what I was doing at that time no matter how hard I tried to do the job. I focus on doing rather than talking but you know what, sometimes the one who talks much even in a boastful way gets more credits than you do. Hence, talk even if it is not necessary.

Punctuality: One of my former co-workers came to work very on time or even earlier, and he always left on time as well. He tried to finish all the tasks within a given period of time. He also told me that spending time with family and other beloved people is as important as earning money. Hence, everyone should balance their lives well. I totally agree with him because working extra hours does not mean you are working effectively and efficiently, and this long hour working will waste more resources.

Good luck with your career / business life! Being busy is good but a busy life is never a meaningful life, so make sure you can balance your tasks well. ☺

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