Pulling from the archives


And there it ends, just like that…

Before you know it, its gone.

Leaving behind a lot unsaid, untold and unheard

Ever so quietly it had creeped in,

Ever so quietly it left without uttering a word

Left here waiting, hoping and longing

We slide like shifting grains of sand.

Do we feel the pain, not yet!

Its so damn numb down there in the deepest corners of the heart

It sets in then, as time slips by

A lot of longing, a lot of hoping,

A lot of waiting and a desperate sigh!

Broken hearts, tears and sobs

Nothing can make it return

Nothing can make the fire burn

Yet again by yourself, on a lonesome street

You stand,

Not a shred of joy, not a wisp of happiness

It isn’t sorrow you feel

An unending, limitless, all enshrouding pain

Pain, that you can’t bear again…

You want to wish it away

Its been your friend so long

And now…. its here to stay!

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