If I Ruled The World

If I ruled the world, I would give this land back to its original owners, make peace with all nations and bring home our soldiers, Perfect everyone’s credit and tell Black Wall-street to start over, release everyone’s child who’s behind bars for marijuana while legalizing marijuana, negate and legislate it from it’s harsh persona, take it to medicate and sickness will be conquered, knock on the doors of dropouts and sing into existence their diplomas, Let them know grades don’t define you, and you are as smart as all of us

If I ruled the world ill take the value from jewels, meditate, liquidate then donate all the profits to schools, I’ll fire all networks who ever used alternative facts to broadcast news. Hell, If I ruled the world I would invest in our sons and daughters, rebuild the hood for good, and clean Flint Michigan’s waters

If I ruled the world, I’ll promote everyone having a hobby, no making babies out of boredom, no men telling women what to do with their bodies, No more dreams getting aborted, because control of political parties, excite a confidence in the world based on teachings of Garvey

If I ruled the world, their would be no cold cases, no holds on equality based on shades of faces, no money over humanity, no killing animals for tasting, rehabilitate will be the mission of the land, taking the doors off cages. If I ruled the world the destination will be greatness, healing in my rule with no divide in races. If I ruled the world…. Imagine that!

Chaleana Jay