Amplify your strength! Where others are weak stand firm, mind your manners, sharpen your tongue, control your emotions. Warrior princess you are great in all thy dealings, allow substance to penetrate your body like beads of sweat anaerobically resting on the surface,

One look at you and they shall see your unique design penetrating their vibrations, no need to defend the already defended, no need to critique the already corrected and perfected, move strategically with grace, reign victorious at the wake of sunrise, compel them to smile at the sight of your rarity

The fairest, your mirrors are devoted to your allurement, resting in the seat of your company is a delicacy , your lips plump with an ancestry competency, they are the podium of profess, the pulpit of your consolation and the desk of your sophistication

From the womb you were fed the bread of heaven, the vitamins of angels, the breast milk of God, the daily supplement of grace in preparation of your delivery, Armor yourself daily with gold plated shields of tenacity and breastplates of poise, train daily long and hard not to be defeated but to one day past the baton!