A Daily Dose of Wonder

Today I remembered visiting the center of science and industry museum when I was a little girl. In our city the huge marble entrance way contained a pendulum that moved with the tilting of the earth and so marked the time of day. When visiting with a school group, the first stop was always standing around the massive circular face of the pendulum’s ‘clock’ mirrored on the floor. Small wooden pegs were knocked down with each passing minute. Fascinating when you’re 6, still cool at 7, and by the age of 8 it becomes one more reason to stand in a silly circle.

The coolest exhibit was in the tech area. It had a telephone with a big camera, sort of like a television screen. You could call someone and actually see their face! (if they were on the other side of the cubicle and had that receiver in hand)

Today I was on the phone with a friend, half a world away. His front garden was illumined by evening light, shining on trees, fruit and blooms I haven’t seen for a couple of years. Behind me, through the plate glass windows of my flat, he could see out into the garden here. Newly planted date palm, transplanted Alamo trees, freshly laid sod for the new landscaping.

Chatting with one another across the world, we saw our respective gardens through each other’s eyes and phones!

I felt the evening light and his jetlag. He felt the late morning/midday heat and lushness of the jungle environment. With both windows open, I noticed that I was seeing two parts of the globe simultaneously. A far cry from that 8-year-old’s experience with a clunky black-and-white screen hard-wired to another screen on the other side of a partition. Those images showing up in hazy shades of grey.

We looked at one another for a speechless moment of wonder. Our energies and creative vision are connected, yes, and today our shared vision was literally global. We smiled at each other in that moment of connection. We experience this psychically all the time. Today it was visual, physical, and amazing. One moment of technology being what it is best at being. A wonder, when it supports what we are and who we choose to be.

I wish you wonder, for today and every day. Imagine what more is possible!!

Call to Action

What was wonder-full about your day? If you had those moments, clap ‘em!!