A One-Item ‘Bucket List’

I prefer the term Living List (or maybe Ladle)… but that’s another story.

The term ‘bucket list’ did not originate with the film by that name, though the film brought the concept fully into mainstream awareness. The term means, as most of us know, the actual or virtual ‘list’ of things one wants to do before one dies. This is usually a list of places to see, goals to accomplish, and things to have, that shift as we learn and grow.

J.R.R.Tolkien put it another way,

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

I chose to let the Infinite decide… and to make the choices available to me to allow that to happen.

The status quo never interested me much. Long-term planning, though valued by many, is not a way of living that works for me. That said, a ‘one-item bucket list’ does have a long-term plan, but I will get to that.

I chose the intuitive life. Living by intuition is not the aimless wandering that it is sometimes observed to be. It is not flighty or flaky or any of those lovely disparaging words used to describe those who do not choose a well-defined path and plod it to whatever end. That is not to say that those paths are not lovely and frequented by lovely individuals. Those paths were simply not for me.

“Not all who wander are lost.” J.R.R. Tolkien

What I chose, as my ‘one item’, even before entering into this life, was consciousness. Being a conscious and active part of the Infinite, embodied. I chose what some call ‘the light’. I also chose to have some adventures. How could it be otherwise? To be a loving, living, ladle of light in a world that would find that designation dubious at best?

I learned about adventure through literature, music and nature. Before there was virtual reality, we had books. I read and experienced vicariously, finding what resonated through the written word and through sonic resonance. I was one of those who had to be shoved out the door into the back garden or the woods or the moors, my current book pried from my little hands, only to be absorbed completely in the nature that surrounded me and have to be fetched back indoors again at some appropriate hour to be fed and to finish my school work… which I had usually finished earlier anyway. Wrapping that up quickly meant I might continue to read and have adventures!

Bear with me, I do have a point here. The point is, that we all know what we desire to experience within our lifetime. Even as infants, we feel what resonates.

Literature, music and nature did it for me. These mediums did not take me away from the world but moved me into and through it in a way that resonated and kept things both interesting and productive.

So, my ‘one-item’ bucket list? It has been to know what matters. This is easy to find, though so many people I work with tell me they ‘don’t know what they want.’ I find the question, ‘what do you want?’ to be unhelpful.

Knowing what ‘you want’ references what makes our egos comfortable. Instead, I have found it more helpful to find the deep, internal feeling in any moment that tells me ‘this resonates.’

People sometimes judge this as impractical. How does it help when… filling in the belief systems that tell them they have no other choices in whatever situation. There are always choices!

And here is how a ‘one-item’ bucket list becomes something like a long-term plan. (I don’t use the ‘p’ word anymore… and that drives my ‘coach’ friends a bit mad.) If we know what resonates, what feels appropriate and right for us (or NOT right for us) in any moment, that feeling serves as THE guide… not A guide… for living. The ‘coach’ in my head is saying~

“No, that would be a planning tool, not a plan.” I disagree. What if the ‘plan’ creates itself under our feet and we play out the tightrope we walk, from our own hands? What if the Infinite is the rope, the guiding force, the desire, the resonance and every particle of the ‘how’ of everything?

I know this is how things truly function because I have lived it. It isn’t a way of life for everyone, that much is clear. But if this feeling of knowing or finding and then knowing, ‘one thing’ that matters, feels interesting to you, you might try the following.

Find a quiet moment, anywhere or any when. Feel into what lights you up. Not just what motivates you to ‘do’ or ‘create’ in the world, but what LIGHTS YOU UP. Feel into the underlying energies of that. Where does that feeling come from? We know the source is Source, but what flavor does it for you? It will have something to do with love, because that is the Source of all things, but leave that aside and find your flavors.

When found, ask THAT SOURCE, that flavor, that tonality, that color, those lenses of perception, how those energies might love to flow through you. Try not to let your mind answer. Let the energies flow.

Put that into action. Whatever action you intuitively feel in the moment.

Here is an example. As mentioned, I am at my ‘best’ when I am in more nature than human population density, have more time to be in and with music and the written word. The blatantly obvious thing that escaped me for decades was that one way that resonance wanted to express through me was… in writing. Seems ridiculously obvious, yes? I do play music, I do write and have since childhood… but WRITING?

Every contributor here will have some flavor of this… including the learning, the growing, the ‘stuff’ we all move through to put words into publication.

I was asked, over and over, by students, “Why don’t you write some of it down?” When I replied, over and over, that I had done and that I had reams of ‘written’, the next obvious question was “Why is it not anywhere that can be read?”

What is the ‘obvious’ way your resonance might want to be expressed? Ask that feeling within you how it wants to find its voice… the answer might be screamingly obvious or might surprise you.

It truly surprised me that my love for literature and writing and certain authors might indicate a resonance within me seeking expression. A ‘duh’ experience that has my angels falling over laughing.

THAT is part of the adventure.

My point is that when we find that guiding resonance, force, light or whatever we might call it (‘mojo’ also works) we need to let it move us and move through us. This is a bit different than ‘following it’ or ‘letting it lead.’

Put your mind, everything you have learned about what is supposed to work for you, in the passenger seat and go for the ride your resonance brings you. You do have a higher calling. Its voice never tires of attracting your attention. Its expression is likely just under your feet (or in your hands or probably in your face).

Try it for five minutes. Then for a day. Then see what happens. Let your resonance find your way.

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