Mother Theresa was able to give as she did because she felt constantly “filled up” by God’s love. She was living her purpose, and all that she did for humanity, she did because she wanted to.
Self-Worth and the Value of Saying ‘No’
Kim Forrester

Actually, when Mother Theresa’s diaries were read, it came to light that she was miserable for the last 50 years of her life. I may have the number wrong but it struck me at the time and changed many things for me.

When you do ‘spiritual’ work like I do, all of the things you’ve written about are projected on you and expected of you and I was the most guilty party for projecting onto and expecting of, myself.

We are none of us, “saints”. We are all beings with inherent value and worth. I am validating your point here — simply pointing out that, when I read other data on Mother Theresa, whose work helped so many, it’s true! — It fundamentally changed something for me.

I appreciate you putting these principles into writing.

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