It all comes back to a fear of what other people might think
It’s Just a Hobby
Christopher D. Connors

All fears are a fear of consequences. And yes, most do not risk (anything) because of fear of what others might or will or do think. What a silly barometer!

I can’t follow you into the popular aggrandizement of failure as a teacher though. Why call learning, failure? When we practice a movement art, any kind, we will not make the moves correctly, certainly not ‘perfectly’ for many repetitions. Maybe for years. Is that failure? No. We call it training or learning. Why don’t we call taking a step or a risk in business or ‘in the world’ the same thing?

One answer. Fear. When we aggrandize ‘failure’ we give ourselves an ‘out’ when it comes to facing fear, yes. So there is potential temporary benefit to ‘okaying’ failure. Why not lose the concept altogether? This is not an issue of semantics but one of what we allow ourselves to believe…

… which affects what we allow to matter, which affects EVERYTHING because, as you ahve put it so well, what matters is what manifests!!! (including the aversion to risk that manifests as burying what we really want to do with our lives).

Well written as always Chris!

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