Talking to the Universe on the Internet
White Feather

As usual, thanks for writing this! The I Ching also says “Perseverance furthers.” One of my favourite quotes. Same-same.

I have had a similar thing happen within a similar decision-making process. On my recent visit to Africa, whence the tales of Giraffe, Rhino and Ellies, I was invited by a friend to stay in her home in the Blyde River Canyon biosphere ~ where the energy is so very much THAT energy, and I know you know whereof I speak ~ for a month or so. Only a visit but…the geographic relocation choice has been tough this time. Oddly so.

I have no wish to relocate to South Africa. I much prefer Celtic soil, though that is being weirdly and perhaps karma-ishly elusive, but I digress. But whilst there, the energy was SO GOOD and, I have to admit, that the energy right now in the US feels SO BAD to me… that I almost jumped at the offer.

Almost. Because something feels… not ‘off’, I would recognize that. Incomplete is the word now finding its way through my mental threads. There is a piece incomplete. Warrior piece. Spot on!

I did know that. This warrior piece is ancient. Samurai ancient. Perhaps from other lives as well. And it is incomplete. It felt, yesterday actually, as though I had better get a move on with the completing because there are decisions ‘on hold’ due to incompletion.

The Universe definitely DOES utilise the internet! It brought your story to me at the exact moment when I needed to recognise and integrate my own warrior issues.

A humble thank you, to one who writes so kindly and so well.

May your journeys be fruitful and perfectly orchestrated.