Aspects of Light: the flow of beauty

Image: Carolyn Victoria,

By aspect, I mean a particular expression of gift, talent and ability that flows direct from Source. In the world’s traditions, an ‘aspect’ can be something like a tutelary deity, a God or Goddess representing certain qualities, or a set of archetypal qualities and attributes we seek to embody. For some, it has to do with written expression, for some, marketing. For some, branding. For others… you get the point. There are as many aspects of expression as there are beings to embody them.

Today’s musings are on the aspect of beauty. While it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so that appears in this world, there is a flow of beauty that goes beyond appearance and appeals directly to our deeper perception.

Once upon a time there was a woman who thought her life was over. She had been successful in Information Technology. She had had a brilliant career and traveled the world.

Then, as life began to happen, she chose to take care of her family instead of her dreams. This was not a bad thing. It was a life thing, and she learned from it and her family was glad.

But she began to listen to the voices that wanted to keep her small. The voices that said “you are getting older, you have nothing, you are unwanted in the world at large.” And her life listened to the voices and became smaller still.

Then, one day, she remembered something. Her hiking boots felt different on her morning meander through the woods. A bobcat showed itself to her, looking her straight in the eyes. Feathers representing different types of song and expression began to mysteriously show up in her path. She began to collect them, not wanting to trample the evidence Spirit was providing in advance of some kind of transformation.

She began to create artwork in various forms. She had forgotten how beauty flowed through her hands and heart. She began to remember and to create. She began to use her photography skills to capture the wonder that walked with her through the natural world. She began to paint the wonder of light that moves through her inner worlds. She began to make wearable art, looking and listening in to the inner worlds of others, to create something that represented what would help the wearer to light up from within.

She recovered her digital skills, her inherent technical prowess. She felt the ART and BEAUTY of the Divine that had always been her birthright in this or any world.

She remembered her power and let it flow. She chose to let go of the ‘no-life’ of waiting to decay and die and to let the Infinite bring her ‘home’ in this body and this time, through expansion and expression and the dreams she had left behind.

She became and is becoming, all that she dreamed she could be. She is what we all want to ‘be’ when we ‘grow up’.

This is not only the story of my friend Carolyn. It is the story of a broader awakening in us all.

What aspect of authentic expression has been side burnered for too long? How will you allow what lights you up to flow through you, as a side gig, a hobby, something you do in your ‘spare time’ (as if any of us has any of that, really) or as the beacon that Source provides to light your way through any weather?

Global weather could use some lighting up, could it not?

May I introduce my friend, Carolyn, and the beauty she brings to this world.

Carolyn Victoria: 925–808–8469

Images like the banner for this article are available with your professional photograph as well. Like this and in whatever way resonates with you.

Call to Beauty: (well, ok, Action)

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