Courtesy, Manners, and Etiquette and how they help us ‘stay tuned’ ~

There is an etiquette to off-roading, as well as to highway driving, and it might seem obvious that courtesy and manners could be applied to both.

I have been contemplating these concepts lately. Mostly because my virtual assistant is having a holiday and I am dealing with ‘all and sundry’ myself for a few weeks. ‘All and Sundry’ are an interesting act. Sometimes they perform with aplomb. Other times they turn in ‘not so stellar’ performances. Any act has its off days. We tend to learn and grow from those, striving improve our performances.

I watched a ‘one-woman show’ performed by Whoopi Goldberg a few years ago, during which she commented upon (in her inimitable hilarious style) the observation that there now exists a generation or two of “people we don’t want to be around.” At the time I laughed uproariously with everyone else, noting how unfortunately factual that comment had become.

No, this is not a diatribe on how one ought to speak or act. I’m not into that.

I’m into energy, vibration, and how the frequencies with which we express ourselves affect us and our surroundings.

What do courtesy, manners and etiquette have to do with this? Everything.

A little of what we, in English, call common courtesy goes a long way. It is sometimes referred to as kindness. Why not take an extra moment to let something a little more kind slip between your lips instead of that reactive phrase that might bite someone’s head off and facilitate the bending of their day into ouch-pretzels. Oh, there are occasions for that! Kali speaks through me when the need arises. And that does not rule out courtesy.

Or manners… meaning that the rudest possible way to express something is not, generally-speaking, going to get you the response you might imagine. And there are occasions for that, usually as an attention-grabber when those to whom you are speaking have gone deaf and zombied-out (too common of late).

Or etiquette, not in the Emily Post or Dear Abbey sense, but in the “I respect the energy that comes through you and honor your presence,” sense. I was taught this one by a Master. A literal Master. Not in the slave sense of the word but in the sense that this being had mastered the use of energy.

What I learned was that etiquette is about respect for the Infinite as it comes through each of us. That there is an appropriate expression for each moment or occasion that has nothing to do with anyone’s rules of behaviour or engagement. Etiquette comes from reverence and respect.

What any of us learns about manners is entirely family-region-culture dependent. I have lived in several countries and in more regions within them than most people, and I can report that ‘manners’ vary WIDELY from place to place. One might equate manners with customs. Are they the same thing? We each decide that by our actions and expressions.

What if manners are less about what is rude or polite and more about what is appropriate to the moment or occasion? Who decides? What if the best answer comes from the heart? From respect and resonance? What if, in a given moment, truth needs to wield a sledgehammer?

In this interesting period of dealing with the ‘all and sundry’ act I have noticed both the presence and absence of these three traveling companions, courtesy, manners and etiquette. I try never to leave home without them as their presence is, for me, all part of traveling light.

This period has been an observation of … other things. Here is an example. Yesterday I emailed a small group of people who will be joining me on an adventure, inviting them to a private teleconference where our energies could move into coherence, our intentions become cohesive and, in short, the foundation could be laid for moving vast amounts of energy. Most of the responses were along the lines of “I’m there, thank you.” One or two were more like “Oh, hey, that isn’t good for me. Could it maybe be more convenient?” No one was that rude, of course, but the vibration on the responses was interesting.

My choice is that when the Light beckons, I show up. I have never projected that choice onto anyone else nor do I expect it of anyone else…but isn’t it a little odd that those who say they want something, and want it badly enough to ask specifically to be included, quibble about inconvenience?

Nothing amazing ever happens that way.

See, it wasn’t ‘me’ asking. It was a call.

So perhaps my only point is that, when what is true for you, what you have yearned for, what you say you want, calls you… answer. And take courtesy, manners, (however they might fit into your bags) and etiquette along for the ride.

I guarantee you will enjoy the journey, no matter where it takes you.

Namaste, beloveds… and yes, that means all of you whether this resonated or not.

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