Dark Night ~ Part 2

Moving from sacrifice into sacrament. How it translates into now.

photo credit: the above-mentioned article

Today what stands out as inspiring me to write is a recent article by Vera de Chalambert entitled “Kali Takes America”.

I love the Hindu pantheon. The archetypes represent fields of energy that emanate specific qualities and bandwidths of consciousness and light. The Goddesses Lakshmi and Kali/Durga are favorites of mine. {Durga is the embodiment of the invincible force of the infinite field and Kali is the archetype of the Great Mother goddess that devours ego — in a nutshell for those unfamiliar. My favorite story is that Durga was created when the Gods couldn’t vanquish a demon of that name… so they created a woman to do it for them.}

I love how these archetypes, and there are many from every tradition, are being represented now in popular culture. Beautiful, strong, fearless women. Capable, intuitive and gentle, men. Well, partially. It also rankles that both genders are, at the same time, still stereotyped. Example: The brilliant female scientist hangs off the pumped bicep of an extraterrestrial God. Bored now.

The extremes of this world have held sway for so long that we often fail to recognize the energetic emergence of a climate change until it begins to physically manifest. That is happening and the latest election in the US was not an endgame but a tipping point.

Even now that the evidence is in evidence there are the doubters, the deniers, the skeptics who want all playing fields leveled just for them. Be it climate change or politics or… is there a difference in energy? Not when you look behind that curtain that the wizard keeps telling you is sacred space and you’ll be annihilated if you violate it. “You will be obliterated if you violate what some authority has declared is sacred space”. Does that not describe the energies of domination and control?

The playing field in America has not been leveled, it has had its lid ripped off for itself to see. The world already knew. That’s the part that so many fail to realize. I have lived in a several countries and the indigenous blindness and ignorance of the general populace in the States is a running joke in most of them. I get emails and phone calls from my international friends after various events. Most of whom are laughing hysterically.

This is a dark night passage, not just for America but for the world as we knew it. The world that was… is no more. It is disintegrating. Not fast enough, perhaps. Too fast for some. Everyone is afraid of how ‘not pretty’ things are going to become. Acknowledging fear, looking it in the face, accepting it without becoming it is a beginning. As we embrace the perceptual shift available to us and focus on the positive whilst not embracing the ostrich position. Pollyanna meets Ostrich never works. In any world. Holding and being held in creative flow no matter what, the ability to, as one mentor put it, “hold samadhi at ground zero” does.

What does that mean? Stay positive. Make the changes on the fly that will keep being on the fly for awhile. Become the freelancer of life that you always knew you could be. All of that. Find your stability within and ground the hell out of that!

It is said that freedom comes at a price. That price is always at least a piece of the ego and our accepted identities.

One of the things I love about Andrew Harvey’s work is that he openly discusses things that the mystics of this world have long taught only in secret. Mostly because no one would continue if the truth were not parceled out in small juicy bite-sized morsels… here is one such example taken from an interview he gave in 2005.

“[Regarding St. John’s “night of the senses” and “night of the soul”] This first dark night purifies all of the senses so that they can become the vehicle of the inner divine self. This first dark night is extreme, but it’s not as extreme as the second dark night. It’s a purification that enables the ordinary senses to start registering the divine world. Through devotion, through meditation, through intense mystical practice, you start to see the divine light. At first it just flashes, and then when the process is complete, you have an overwhelming experience in which you see the entire creation as a manifestation of the light, and your consciousness is one with that. This is not enlightenment. This begins what is called the state of illumination. Although the senses are purified, and although they’re able now to register the divinity of the world, the ego is still subtly present. So there has to be a second death on the path, which is the death of the personal identity. . . .

There’s another kind of crucifixion going on — crucifixion of purpose and hope. Everybody is totally bewildered. They know that the world is potentially on the brink of total apocalypse. There’s a tremendous danger that as people wake up to the horror of what is going on, they will run into political extremism or into fundamentalism of one kind or another. So it’s extremely important that the wisdom of the dark night gets across because if people understand the necessity for this crucifixion, and understand that it’s preparing the resurrection and the birth and an empowerment, then they will be prepared to go through it without fear — or without too much fear — trusting in the logic of the divine transformation…

The destruction is, in fact, a form of that extreme grace. It’s quite clear that humanity is now terminally ill, and can only be transfigured by a totally shocking revelation of its shadow side. And this is what we’re living through, these shadow sides exploding in every direction…

You can lose hope. But if you know the wisdom of the dark night, then you are looking out for protection. You’re aware that through this terror, protection will be given. This is the universal testimony. The mystics have gone through this process. It’s the testimony of Rumi. It’s the testimony of the great shamans. It’s the testimony of St. John of the Cross, and it’s the testimony that I gave in this book (referencing Harvey’s work Sun at Midnight). You are given tremendous divine protection, because as the human is being destroyed, the divine consciousness comes up. So one side of you is being annihilated, but the other side is stronger than ever in the ashes. So great dreams will come and light will become more and more vibrant. The divinity of life will become more and more naked to you. Miracles will take place to protect you. To anybody who comes to this path, the divine is both extremely ferocious and extremely tender. Ferocious to destroy the illusions, but tender to give the human being the courage to hang in there and do the work.” ~ Andrew Harvey

A little heavy right? But true. The world is in a total state of chaos. The false light has had its bulbs dimmed, its projectors smashed, just as they were set to shine the brightest. This is a good thing! Space has been made for what is real and creative and life-affirming and sustainable.

As things show up in global politics they mirror what is completing within all of us.

We need what has been called ‘the masculine’ to heal from the horrors inflicted upon it by conditioning and the backlash of self-hate for what has been perpetrated. We need what has been called ‘the feminine’ to rise from a state of wounded disenfranchisement without reckless revenge. Not just those with female embodiments, but the qualities of nurturing, nourishing, honoring, supporting and cherishing embodied in both genders. All kindness is based on tenderness and respect. Every relationship needs this. Especially the deep relating between ourselves and the Divine within, however you address that and from whatever tradition. Reverence is the ‘new black’. It transcends the fog and the grey of any dark night.

We need to hear the voice that howls ‘Noooooo’ within us and acknowledge its Source, even as we take steps to create from what is revealed to us each day. One poem or article, or lyric or composition or piece of art or the breaking of personal bests of any kind in every area of life.

One mystical step at a time, with very very practical feet.

Illumination, or seeing the truth, is a first step. The practical steps we take guide us into becoming deeper truth. We are all the Divine’s work in progress.

Kali is the Goddess of endings and beginnings. The personal dark night is a first step. The good news is that the world, ready or not, is moving through two steps at this time. One following on the other as quickly as they arise.

Some of us have taken step one and perhaps step two. What we can do is hold the torch higher, beam light into whatever shades of grey, and keep moving onward. We do this by shining our hearts’ light in whatever way seems best to us and by holding tenderness and respect for this and every reality.

Some days it boils down to “why I quit my day job” and other rites of passage. No step is insignificant nor any creation without value.

You are that value, that unique and precious significance that life creates through and from.

Thank you for being.