When You’re Feeling Lost… Do This
James Altucher

Hi James. I recommend your articles frequently but don’t usually comment.

Why? Not nothing to say. Too much sometimes. My way of connecting with people every day sometimes takes the form of unsolicited advice which, as we all know, is a bad idea. The choose yourself tribe doesn’t want to hear what you think they should do. They don’t want a mentor or a leader… and the truth is I don’t want to be that, so the communications sometimes come out that way… except that we do, all of us, want mentors and leaders.

You have become one of those on Medium. So yay for tribal council. No facetiousness intended.

The model for mentoring/leadership that resonates with me is that of a cetacean pod. Skills are shared. Jobs are shared. The tribe literally rotates in the water (through life) and whoever is on point for a given activity is on point at that moment because that is what is optimal and makes sense. Male dolphins have the ability to lactate when the females are busy with other activities, so that the infants (always held in the center of the pod) are fed and cared for.

I like the model. When the tribe of ‘choose yourself’, which I definitely count myself among, chooses to be sustaining in a healthy way, we all are nourished. We all continue to grow.

Thanks for the article. Well written!

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