High Frequency Living ~ A Remembered Dream

I watched an episode of Cosmos the other evening and remembered why I loved reading Carl Sagan. It reminded me of a dream I had when I first began to train in awakening.

I woke up rubbing my eyes and noticing first thing that it felt odd to perform that action. I was seeing through eyes? I closed them again, relaxing back into that dream state. I woke up laughing. It had been delicious. What exactly?…

I felt my awareness popping out of something that felt like a long-necked bottle. Maybe a genie jar? something like that. As I expanded, flexing and stretching parts of myself long confined, I realized that I was in motion, at lovespeed. Infinite universes moving past me and through me at the same time.

I looked around and there, nearby, was another streaming being, who I now recognized as my roommate in earth space-time. A being I had obviously known for longer than I might have guessed. We were both giggling up a storm. A literal storm of giggle-emanations formed around us as we streamed off into the multi-verse, splashing through a few worlds / planets along the way, continuing the giggle-fits after each adventure.

“He-he-he-he! What shall we play next?” In bed, at ground control in the body, I had not yet read the Mahabharata, one of whose English translations ends in this exact way. “What shall we play next, when next we play?”

With each burst through a world, and all of the embodied experiences therein, our joy increased and expanded. Wow. There is always more! What if vibration lifted higher than could be imagined, what experiences would there be?

“So this is what is really going on…” my half asleep mind mused, gearing up to start the day.

Perspective is an amazing gift. Relativity (thank you Albert) applies to the immensely large, quantum to the unimaginably small… all of whose wonders are real, if we give them a little play.

Giggles help as well, I have to say.

Quote from Carl Sagan

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