Et tu, Brute? The tough, philosophical questions keep coming this week. ;)
Gail Boenning

Hmm. It wasn’t meant in that ‘Brutus’ kind of way. I was agreeing with your turn of phrase.

Having lived much of my life in many countries, I find patriotism to be a bit… not sure what expression to use exactly. I highlighted that phrase because you are correct. The world needs to move toward what unifies rather than what separates. Otherwise we all perish.

I find I am not proud to be “American” at this point in history. As a country, at large, governmental issues notwithstanding, we could do better. Many countries both do and do not (better, I mean).

I find that a global perspective helps us most. We need to hold within us what is good about our countries, our neighbors, our world… and if that is what you mean by patriotism then I am in agreement.

When most people thrill to the national anthem and feel proud to look at a flag, though there is certainly nothing wrong with that, it comes from a deep-seated need to belong to something one can be proud of, rather than an accurate reading of events.

I am not saying this is true of you. I find you and your writings lovely and am sorry if my comment offended in any way. It was not so intended.

The hand-over-heart, pledge-of-allegiance kind of sentiment feels a bit nostalgic perhaps but also a bit naive, given the ‘state of the States’ so to speak.

I agree that we need to not just look for, but see and act upon what unifies rather than what separates all of us, our countries and our world.

So, agreeing with you at heart if not ‘to the letter’ of the expression.

Love to you!

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