J.O.B vs J.O.Y.
Ann Litts

I love this Ann! When I first began posting on Medium there were the ‘advised things to do’. Add a postscript to ‘drive people’ (as if anyone wants to be herded) to the website, etc etc. I did not feel comfortable with it but sort of ‘went with the program’ until… I read a post similar to yours. I realised that asking people to applaud or ‘go somewhere’ or ‘do something’ goes against the grain of everything I AM. SHE knows what wants to be said through me or anyone. SHE knows the value of every written word. SHE is all of that. SHE is me and I AM SHE and we are all… you remember the lyric. I ceased forthwith. It felt so GOOD!

SHE is in all of our day jobs and creative efforts. SHE needs no rating system to make it so.