feminism’s negative effects over the past 50 years
You Just Don’t Know What Feminism Means
Leslie Loftis

Like the part where we had to become more like the men than the men in order to work in the corporate world?

People say that doesn’t happen anymore. I observe that to be untrue.

When I began in IT, before some of you were born actually, that business arena was better for women than others. Tech was new and newer and newest (and that won’t stop will it?) and there were as many young women who were brilliant at it as men. That has not changed of course nor is it untrue in any other profession.

Even that has back-lashed a bit. Maybe not for those of you under 30, but some of us see it. We’ve been watching for a long time.

What used to really make me sad was to watch female co-workers, managers and others take on the very qualities they complained so much about. They became more dominating, more controlling and ruthless than the guys.

Why? Because we were told that was how it had to be. A version of ‘my house, my rules’ that was unwritten but ever present. Ruthlessness has its place but…

Business still largely runs this way. Our attitudes do not need to.

Equality is about a lot of things. Judging is not one of them.

Thank you for this! Well written.

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