How to Turn Journal Ramblings into Viral Articles
Benjamin P. Hardy

My latest insight on journaling or studying + gestation is in learning Spanish. I speak French, some Japanese, reasonable German and a bit of Farsi (enough to be dangerous) and am now learning Spanish because I actually need it for where I currently live.

After months of daily session on Babbel and Duolingo (both of which I recommend) I was having a bit of study burnout. I took two weeks off.

During that time, I did do a few reviews, kept up with daily vocabulary emails from my lesson providers, but let the lessons lapse. I didn’t intend to do that but it happened.

Much to my delight, I now find that some of the vocabulary and structures that were confusing have organized themselves in my mind and I recall them without the reviews, the flash cards, and further lessons. I will keep studying now, of course. One can never be fluent enough!

My request to my subconscious had been to grok the information in a useful way and to integrate what I had learned. It happened.

I love both journalig and studying and do both every day. I also advocate mornings, but then that is my productive time and everyone has to find theirs.

I’ve avoided this article for three days Benjamin, and am now glad I took the time to read it!

Thank you.

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