A Pack List For Co-Living ✔️
Jessica Guzik

My pack list would add any kitchen item you can’t do without, though it has to fit into a backpack. No, you don’t need to carry it there or everywhere or anywhere. It’s a size thing. For me it was the high-heat spatulas for cooking in the communal kitchen or my little kitchenette. If you don’t have one of those, you can decide where/whether the space of your favorite go-to cooking things makes any kind of sense. For me it is/was also an electric tea kettle / and I have two because I live in three countries… it’s a voltage thing.

Books are tricky. Any books found in a shared living space that don’t resonate can be immediately moved to communal areas so they may resonate with someone / anyone. I love books. I love the way they feel in my hands, the way they look on the library shelves I grew up with. But they are bloody weighty, which precludes international shipping unless you want them delivered a year later, and, by and large, are not viable as small space items. Thus, Kindle entered my life. I have replaced all of my favorite and cherished hardbacks (that I was able to) with kindle editions… or I now borrow from Kindle Unlimited instead of a brick and mortar library. I still love books. I also love trees… even more. There are sustainability arguments for how much carbon footprint it takes to produce an ebook versus the trees it takes to make the lovely ‘feel good in the hand’ ones… but I am currently voting with the trees.

“A few personal items” is definitely the key. Amazing what adventures find us when we take only what we need to ‘fly’.

A practical, enjoyable read!

PS — re habit fields. Energy can ALWAYS be shifted!

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