Thrive Style is about redefining conventions so that women can feel confident, professional and great in something other than five-inch heels and a new outfit for every occasion.
Introducing Thrive Style: The New Power Dressing
Arianna Huffington

One could say ‘about time’! and be vehemently echoed around the world. I won’t though. Because, as part of minimalizing and becoming once again a global citizen, I laid aside (gave away to my newly VPish sister mostly) my corporate clothes, both the polished professional and the equally polished business casual, and became… travel savvy.

What washes well? What dries quickly? What can you throw into a go-bag that will work for ANY occasion depending on how you dress it up or down… and what things do you truly, actually, live in?

I can report that I am well and truly tired of my current (more than 36, I admit, but not by much) wardrobe items. I do not need to ‘dress’ except to venture into the city semi-occasionally and have a few items that work for that. The rest of the time I am in casual and admittedly over-worn and wearing-out items that, though I am weary of wearing them, have stood the tests of time, wearing well and good quality. I am happy to say that ‘I’ have withstood those tests as well.

I find that this isn’t just a women’s issue. It is a global, and fair trade and sustainability issue.

And, sometimes, when several pieces need replacing all at once, a change of ‘look’ is still a joyfully welcome adventure.

Thank you for raising the issue.