Recognition is Liberation

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A Tibetan axiom I have experienced as true.

We used to joke about this, my sangha mates and I, citing Hollywood as the anti-example. Recognition equals… yeah, all that egoic stuff we’re trying to dissolve. Ha-ha-snicker-snicker…our spiritual egos showing up all over the place…judgement anyone?? {Even if there is truth in the observation…}

How is this axiom truly and productively applied? Every tradition has its methodology. What if HER way is all of those ways? What if HER way is a different spin on each and every one? What if each and every “how” and “when” is ultimately up to HER?

The Way of Oneness is the way of inclusion. Most people, notably my students, so I clearly need to find a better way to communicate these principles, think that inclusion means having to let everything and everyone in, meaning having no boundaries of any kind, opening the heart to any energy that wants to wander in, and…. AAACK!!! No way, José, or any other personage one might invoke here. Yeah. I used to feel that way too. I’ll get to why in a bit here. SHE showed me differently.

Each time I was willing to let go of a dogmatically fixed position, a way of seeing reality that I knew and was convinced was right…usually due to one of the traditions I’m ordained in… SHE coaxed me down HER universal garden path. It leads to Love. HER love. The invincible force that creates worlds, multiverses… everything and all of us. Everything that is, was, and ever shall be. Just so we’re clear. HER. Love. Unconditionally. IS.

So the why. Everyone craves recognition, usually egoically, and evades the truth of it at the same time. What we truly crave, in our innermost hearts, is this very Divine Love that we are created from. We have been bred to and taught that we are separate from it. LIES. We are taught that we are separate and so must remain until… whatever our tradition indicates meets the criteria for being beamed up. {No offense intended to any tradition here.}

We are told we have to let the light in… We are told we don’t know light from wrong. {pun intended} We are told…not. to. listen. to. our. true. feelings.

So, we let in all this stuff that pollutes and lowers our fields. Why? Because we were taught to do so. And then, when SHE says “Surrender. Relax into me…” the very. last. thing. we want to do is to open up to what we believe will be more pain, and possibly possession. Everyone has seen some version of being turned into a puppet. No one wants that. So we hold onto what we have been told, instead of what is real.

Step One in Liberation: Recognize the Light. We usually recognize it outside of ourselves, in the mirror of life. If it calls to us, we are taught to blindly follow and seek… not to find, and embody.

And, along the way, what we mostly recognize are our shortcomings. We find more reasons to hide whilst attempting to shine. And, hey, from the perspective of awareness infused into a box in order to experience reality, why would our view not fall short of Infinite? The filters were designed to limit Infinite vision to a specific set of experiences. They were not originally designed to make us cower behind them.

Step Two in Liberation: Recognize the Light WITHIN. Take the lens of Love SHE provides and turn it inward. That’s right. Disco ball flipped in on itself. The ego will say, “No, no, no, no… Pay no attention to the crap behind the curtain…” To which cowering persona SHE lovingly laughs and says…”Psst…over here. Here you are whole. Here you are understood. Here you are cherished…” And when we still run and hide…” Hey! Stop that! Over effing here, okay?” And then she smiles…dropping HER mother bear persona as soon as we cry “Momma!” with our hearts wide open…as life throws us into HER Infinite catcher’s mitt or we choose to fall into HER embrace.

It is a relaxing into, not a pushing towards. The boulder-up-a-mountain thing? Yet another distraction… and it was so cool, that macho heaving, wasn’t it?

Step Three in Liberation: Through Formlessness into Form and Back Again… When the ego goes formless, it must, if we are still inhabiting a body, come back into form. It actually does this approximately every five seconds. You read that right. The thing is, we don’t recognize the occurrence and we have been discouraged from even noticing that there are liberation portals all along the way.

As we recognize the truth in every experience, we dissolve into formlessness and back again…over and over. Always changing. Always evolving… hardly ever in any of the ways we thought things worked.

Recognizing this is key. Trust what you feel. You are light, after all. And light is intelligence. It knows what to do and to BE.

~ Namaste ~

I beg indulgence for this departure from the “norm” of immersion in wonder… Thank you for stopping by.