Seeing the Dream in the Midst of the Nightmare

A venting for a weird day. Not my usual style.

Life can be like that. We dream, we set intentions, we get the ball rolling, we make progress, we overcome hurdles, obstacles and what-have-you, we have what promises to be a brilliant and inspiring success and then… not just a roadblock but a nightmare ensues.

The dream isn’t lost. This is important to remember. Appearances are almost always deceiving. Another classic. So what prompted this?

For the past few years, no for my whole life, really, I have had a dream. Not the Martin Luther King kind… or maybe that, actually. My small part in the play has been to create audio-visual compositions that inspire, lift the spirit, calm the mind, and promote well-being. These energetic mini-symphonies of sound and light play in 5–7 minute intervals and can be life-altering for those entraining to the images and sounds that promote a higher frequency life.

What happened? Everything was just energetically trashed. All it took was one wrong person at a strategic location, and wham! The site for the original sound lab vibrates with the energetic aftermath of Armageddon. The new site, in another country, has just been visited by this same ‘wrong person’ and the effects of this visit have caused a pending mutiny on the part of the team that works there and have made me physically ill. Literally ill. Energetic mismatch at the cellular level as well as in logistics.

How does it feel? I’m tired of being ‘hit’ energetically. I’m tired of watching everything I’ve worked for trodden under the boot of unconscious nihilistic behaviors. I’m tired of (don’t you love MLK’s rhetoric?) watching those I work with, love and care about become depressed, disheartened, and even destroyed.

What is the choice that needs to be made? One and only one. I will not tolerate this nightmare in place of my dream.

What happens when the dream becomes the nightmare?

Conventional wisdom tells us to find another dream. Go do something else. Give up. Find another path. Choose a new team. All of this can be sound advice given the situation. We do need to look at our circumstances with discernment, and prune and re-direct wherever necessary and possible.

What just happened is not a temporary setback or what others call a ‘failure’ and I call a learning experience. This is not yet another “there is a way to do this better…” except that it is. There are always options and there is always a ‘better’ way, when we listen truly to the Infinite within us, or our authenticity or whatever you want to call it, and act accordingly.

I tend to ask the Infinite “what has to happen?” then listen, act on what I hear, and go forward from there.

One rotten apple can spoil more than the whole bushel. Especially when that bushel is full of compassionate, life-affirming beings who always give others a second and a third chance and… that can go on for seemingly ever.

Inappropriate behavior persists where it is tolerated.

What to do when the dream becomes a nightmare?

  1. Remember the dream and why you chose it to begin with.
  2. Celebrate that most recent success, no matter how large or small, that proved to you that this is working and going to happen. That moment of creation that lights you up completely.
  3. Eradicate the source of the rottenness. Push it out of your life. Firmly and with as much compassion as possible, but permanently.

This is said by so many of you in so many different ways. It is not a new concept. Let me echo one of my favorites.

You are worth more than the disruptions that would sabotage your value.

I do not tolerate disruptions like this in my life anymore. While I have infinite compassion for those involved, I have zero tolerance for the sabotage and subterfuge of the egoically-centred and small-minded.

We are such stuff
 As dreams are made on; and our little life
 Is rounded with a sleep.~Shakespeare

Always choose the dream. Then grab your pruning shears and have at the hedges of the nightmare with discernment and determination. Remember to exercise compassion with a heavy dose of zero tolerance.

There are always options, especially when there seem to be none. Walking away from what does not work is almost always an act of walking toward what will, even if we can’t see the path under our feet. It is always an act of courage. Walking away from the nightmare means choosing yourself, valuing your Infinite connection above all else, and living to love and create another day.

Always choose the dream. You are worth it. {some days we write what we most need to hear}

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