The deep-seated, bigoted underbelly of our society — which for so long functioned covertly — has finally reared its head for all to see.
Canada, get off your high horse
Anisa Mercedes Rawhani

Thank you for this. This is the phenomena that happens when Hollywood releases a film that seems to ‘tell all’ about what is really going on. Reference Wag The Dog and its like. The world populace, especially the American populace, sad to say, tends to react by feeling “Oh, ok, it’s out in the open so it can’t be hidden anymore… whatever ‘it’ was this time… and ‘it’ will stop. What happens is that ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ was this time, gets taken for granted. The feeling that now that someone has outed this ‘it’ things will change. Things don’t change because they are brought out of some closeted existence. Things change when we look this uncovering in the face and accept its existence and that ‘it’ needs to stop. Really stop. Where do we begin? Within ourselves.

Thank you for writing that we each need to look at our own attitudes and so do our countries. What do we tacitly support by not changing how we live and move? This doesn’t mean external confrontation necessarily. What it does mean is internally confronting our own lax attitudes about ignoring what is uncomfortable or vicious or cruel or mean.

How many of us wept as children at the cruelty of others? I’m willing to bet it was more of us than we let on. Did that mean we became cruel? Not necessarily. Did we learn to ‘turn the other cheek’? I hope not. The real question is “What did it mean?”

What does this embarrassing train wreck of public mud-slinging (the election process) mean to me?

I have lived much of this life outside of America, where my passport says I am ‘from’. I have a wider perspective than some, narrower than others. We all have had our journeys. As a woman, I am glad I was born in a country where my alleged rights and freedoms were not instantly denied or where I was not drowned at birth. I am also deeply saddened and appalled that any gender, any race, any LIFE could be so dishonoured as so many still are.

What can I do about it? I can change those things within myself. And have. Like all of us, I was taught things by osmosis as a child that made me laugh as I became what feels like a global citizen. Isn’t it time that that term existed legally? Or maybe there are too many laws already. I don’t know. I’m not a law maker. Thank goodness!

I do know that this is most definitely a wake-up call for the world. Not because of the embarrassing vulgar drama, or yes, maybe because of that.

I wonder if ‘the world’ will wake up and smell the napalm? Or will ‘it’ be another one of those things, the ‘it’ and the ‘world’ that gets taken for granted as the cruelty continues?

Within our own lives, we get to decide.

Thank you Anisa.

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