It’s 5 am in my world and my little hellions will be up soon- but I can’t tear myself away from…
Misty Driscoll

Thank you for your response, Misty. Yes, the story about Alix and, later, Amy, is true. And thank you, though that pain taught me, as you say.

I know that we wrestle ourselves out of the egoic shell, much like a chick or a baby dragon, wrestling itself out of its shell, in order to be the authentic beings of light we are. And THAT is what leads to what you know as heaven.

It doesn’t matter whose beliefs on how the Divine is or looks are right. I think we are all right, and all a bit wrong. How can the divine be explained by looking through a partial lens of perception?

I am so happy my stories mean something to you and you feel them with your heart. And yes, I will publish the book. This is MY next learning.

Love to you ~


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