How to Cultivate Your Very Particular Set of Skills
Christopher D. Connors

Thanks Christopher. Beautifully articulated points.

What we are all experiencing in the world right now is, in part of course, the upsurging of what must change from the resistance thereto. We are seeing the endless results of failure to change, failure to choose what truly makes thriving possible. These are not only not sustainable results, but largely unconscionable.

What is in evidence is the result of lives lived in slavery to comfort, convenience and the alleged status quo… not to the truth that lies within each of us.

Soapbox aside, (grinning) your points are brilliant.

No one has ever achieved any level of skill without the application of practice and diligence.

My favorite writing quote is from Mark Twain. When asked what his method for successful writing was , he replied “ Apply butt to chair.”

One of your brilliant skills is getting the message across.

Thank you.

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