The Further Adventures of You…

I am contemplating new adventures just now… soon to be off to another continent, leading an intensive on a favorite shore, taking recon excursions into mystical energies, withdrawing into semi-seclusion so that the creative muse and I can spend some quality time together. A necessary component of my well-being that I have bypassed for almost two years now.

Logistics, you know. Life happening. Projects and property development in other lands, other climates, and alongside other agendas. So, now, not the white flag kind of retreat, but one of nurturing, nourishing, accepting, acknowledging, supporting and cherishing myself as I am. Honoring the replenishment necessary to radiate what comes through me. Accepting that an acceptance of what I require, and when, is paramount to not only my well-being but that of every passing being and energy in this life.

I want to re-visit some of the places that have held magic for me, at the same time that new destinations call. Bi-location would be such a useful skill this time around. Then again, perhaps not… this transit is requiring more than a little focus from us all. Be here now… not be everywhere/when whenever. (heavy sigh)

This journey will leave me different. Every journey does.

What is new this time? What new beginnings are showing up? What connections will be made that might change my synapses ‘forever’… until the next transition comes along? This contemplating brings a quiet smile of joy and contentment. JOY.

This is called JOY, the Infinite whispers to me, oh so quietly. You almost forgot, amidst all of the light and wonder. This is JOY. A quiet roar of life-force, illuminating the day.

All journeys are THE journey… the one we all embrace. Lifetime to lifetime, world to world, embodiment to embodiment, so many in this one incarnation! Countless emanations, countless experiences of the Oneness, countless permutations of infinite realities… no wonder I’m exhausted! And yet there is more with which to play.

It just began to rain. Again. Rainy season hereabouts. Amazing piled-up cloud formations drenching the air with over 100% humidity. The odd cool that briefly follows each daily afternoon downpour before the sun appears again to re-commence the swelter.

As this season ends, so does a cycle. An internal cycle within the larger cycles of this world, the multiverse and ourselves. An ending and series of new beginnings for all of us.

What will the next cycle of changes bring? What is there to look forward to experiencing and becoming? How will the love and the joy increase and fuel the changes yet to come?

There are higher octaves of light at play upon this world. What does that mean in the day-to-day? That depends on perspective and how broad one’s perceptual array has become. In other words, how much are we willing to see and experience? That is what affects our day to day.

What is available? That to which we make ourselves available. Healthy boundaries, healthy curiosity, and a sense of adventure go a long way.

There, the sun is out again, throwing the massive cloud formations into an ever-changing panorama of light and shadow play. The swelter continues… the brief rainy respite having passed away.

I eagerly anticipate the emancipation of this launch, this newness. New times. New seasons. And, as the greatest gift I can allow myself to receive, a gentle time of joyful gestation and creative play.

Infinite loving presence NOW.

Why not? There is no gift like the Present…unless it is ‘another day’. (yes, that is a koan… fun, right?)

The ‘NOW’ algorithm, in Infinite terms, stands for ‘Nurturing Oneness Within’.

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From one traveler to another, I wish you well. Pack lightly. You never know what you’ll meet along the way.

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