as we looked around at the tribe of confident young women hugging each other hello, swapping strategies for acing the whiteboard portion of their job interviews, and trading inside info on internships, we realized we had hit the motherlode.
Meet the Young Women Who Are Shaking Up Tech
Thrive Global

The literal ‘motherlode’, amazing women that you are, each and every one.

YOU are why many of ‘us’ put up with what we put up with, accomplished what we accomplished and slogged through football field acres of (you name it, we traversed it)… so that ‘you’ could honor the Great Mother within us all, whether you believe in anything like that or not.

You GO girls!

Thank you for the article. It brought tears of joy.

I worked for 30 years or so in IT… starting with 370 Assembler (which is close to machine language and you’ve never heard of it) then COBOL then … on and on into database administration, unix admin, etc etc etc and project management for Fortune 500 companies and startups as well.

Some of you have or will start your own companies. Many of you are needed in existing ones.

Bless you, each and every one! We ARE a majority, of sorts, and it is time, perhaps, that we recognized it.

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