To change something, shift the energy

Change requires a perceptual shift. Change your perception and a shift in vibration follows. Vibration affects resonance and resonance is what you are.

There are many techniques for this. We have all heard them and probably ignored most of them as children. Put yourself in the other person’s position. (no thanks) See things from a larger perspective. (check, and how is that practical?) That kind of thing. Or you could use what works.

What works is shifting the frequencies that run in your awareness and in your physical body. To affect real change you have to shift both.

To shift frequencies in awareness you have to literally change your mind, your mental processes, how your mind functions.

To change the frequencies in your physical body you have to train it to operate on what is truly optimal and not on what your brainstem tells it is optimal and has done so as a survival mechanism since your umbilical cord was cut. (true)

What this takes is: Practice, Commitment, Discipline.

Sounds like fun, right? I never cared if it was going to be fun because the end result was what I was after. There is something to be said for the ‘nothing else matters’ approach, but it is not optimal. I learned that the hard way… or maybe in every hard way that existed in my arenas of experience.

As the line delivered by Tilda Swinson in the new Marvel film Dr. Strange so eloquently puts it “It was never about you”. The ‘you’ in question is the personal, conditioned, selfish ego… you know the one. Not the part of you that creates from the zone, the one that sees, feels and knows and fulfills your life and awareness. The other one, full of all that stuff you were taught to believe and that you have probably spent a long time hoping to overcome and/or master. That kind of mastery doesn’t happen. (trust me on this) It is impossible to “master the ego”. It has to be dissolved, surrendered, or whatever language works for you in order for you to become free, the way you began and are meant to be.

I am honestly over the moon at the language that Marvel put into what was released as a mainstream, hopefully very successful film! A few inter-dimensional inaccuracies, but it IS sci-fi after all!

So now you’re thinking, “oh, egoic dissolution, this is some woo-woo spiritual person writing about enlightenment”. Well, yes, from a certain point of view, and actually it is technical and I’ve been through the process and then some, so can give you the hack(s) instead of the long drawn-out drill(s).

If what used to be called enlightenment isn’t your gig and you just want to be better, stand in your power, find your zone, excel at what you love or cut through the crap and create something cool, this information probably IS for you.

First, find the way that works for you to expand your awareness.

Practice it like nothing else matters.

Find ways to move and train your body and mind that make them more open to the energy of the infinite (Source, Force, Zero Point field, Divine ~ they are all the same field). This happens by focusing on practicing some kind of movement (even walking) until it becomes part of you. NOT until you have mastery! What we know as true mastery is awakening some part of ourselves that can be trained to graceful, efficient, optimal function. Because it has always been part of us.

I wanted to be a dancer and don’t have the ballet body type. I wanted to be a concert pianist and my hands are too small. I wanted to be Joni Mitchell but I don’t have a four octave vocal range. I am a musician, but it was never going to be what I wanted it to be. What I thought I wanted to master, I hadn’t the tools to accomplish… then. Tools are one of the keys.

What is important is not what you don’t have to work with, but what you DO. Martial arts worked for me. In the committed discipline arena. Something will work for you. Find it. Find what is already part of you by practicing something that, even for one moment, when you find it, runs joy through your body. Then keep practicing. The truth is that you already know how this feels, what to make of it and how to be exactly this part of yourself that excels in an optimal way.

What works for someone else might or might not work for you. Find what does. Seeking gets you a long climb up a very steep non-existent mountain. Practicing what you already are gets you what matters.

What matters is what manifests. In every world, every time.

You will know it because, even when it takes every ounce of diligence you’ve ever been able to muster and often frustrates you no end, the bottom line is that it is… FUN. And when you aren’t doing whatever-it-is, life isn’t as much fun or maybe not fun at all.

Making a change requires shifting the energy of what you think matters to you into what really matters to you. Practice that. You matter. And you matter to more than that which you know yourself to be.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


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