What If…

You never took anything for granted again… what might change? Trick question. The answer? Everything. And THAT, as you may already know, is a ‘given’.

What if the world wasn’t flat?

Okay, you know the answer to that one… or I hope you do. {sly grin here… which world? which reality? and the bleat goes on…}

Have you thought about the answer lately? “Well, the world isn’t flat, it’s round… so to speak, a little like a slightly squished egg with a bulge in the middle due to rotation and other factors”… and that means… What does it mean to you? To… you? Does it affect your life? If so, how? And does that matter?

Remember that what matters manifests. Even when ‘it’ matters by default… maybe especially then.

Let’s try another one. This is fun when you get going.

What if the identity you walk around in isn’t accurate?

What if your identity has absolutely nothing to do with anything true about you? What if you could change ‘who’ you are at any moment? What might that mean to you? How might it affect your life? Would it add to or subtract from your feelings of freedom, inspiration and/or adventure?

What if worlds (realities) are created by immersion in experience? What experiences might you choose to be immersed in? Are you choosing by default or by… this funny default device called circumstance?

Here’s how that goes. Say to yourself, ‘I choose to experience…’ (fill in your chosen life circumstance). THEN, your mental and physical programming and conditioning exert their influence and write the ‘fine print’ in these terms: “this has to happen and that has to happen and this always, and that never…”. Not quite the same as that first inspired choice, is it?

This is how experience tends to happen because we don’t fully commit to our creative abilities. Caveat city. A slightly less lustrous location than that of our dreams.

What if freedom, inspiration, and adventure were the criterion by which you created your experience? What might change?

Better question: How is that changing things? Let yourself be shown…then commit. Give it a try. The emerging cycle has, as its foundation, love, light, abundance and JOY. A far cry from the last cycle whose foundation was martyrdom. A cosmically and undeniably distant far. So far, in fact, that none of the old ways of operating will function for long in these new energies. Isn’t it the best?

What if? One of my favorite questions. Consider the possibilities.

My other favorite is best answered by the Infinite… How good could this get? I can’t wait to see how Source sources this one! {meaning what I have chosen to ‘matter’ in any current immersion}

Call to Action

What if your immersion experience is yours to enjoy, just for today and you are the architect of all you experience? How might you create that reality?

If this made you grin, consider clapping… unless your current reality does not include hands. In that case, of course, you are auto-magically and thoroughly excused from the exercise. Or perhaps not. En-JOY!!!

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