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What if You Were Finished?

What if the Divine popped into your meditations every day for a week and mentioned that you had completed what you had set this lifetime up to accomplish? What if you felt the quiet shoulder-clasp of ‘well done’ for no apparent reason?

What does one do with that information?

I had no idea. I was in the midst of massive change, a relationship ending, a property-related bankruptcy claiming everything that had been ‘my life’ and, on the surface, everything I had worked to have or to be. In the physical world, my old life was, indeed, over. I was raw, exhausted, in need of peace.

I had just moved house, putting my clothes, guitar, harp, and a few other things into the back of the car, as my furry-four-legged preferred to ride in front. I had long lost count of the times I had driven from the Bay Area into the Sierras. For twenty-some years I had been coming here. And, when no other energies beckoned, I moved into the mountains.

As I set up my portable office, the urge to mediate became overwhelming. I piled some cushions in a corner of the not-yet-clean-enough floor and settled myself. My long love of this valley and its bracing, palpable stillness was already soothing my heart.

It’s over. SHE whispered, insistently. Let it go.

“I know. I’m trying. I understand. It wasn’t what I really wanted.”

Try is a child’s word.

I had heard that before. One of HER favorites, always whispered from the depths of HER love. As Yoda put it, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

All that faded into oblivion as HER light poured in.

I realized I was a little angry. “I made you a promise. I asked how I could help and you asked if I might like to assist in the re-balancing of the sacred feminine on this world. I have always stood for love and peace. This time I said yes to you and everything fell apart.”

Because ‘everything’ was not based on a love-directed life. It was what was left in the mopping up. What comes next is up to you.

What came next, in the space of a few days, was the hardware reset recently published in ‘near death experiences’ as A Brain Clot, An Orb of Light and a Question.

What I agreed to, in that heavenly presence, was to bring that vibration, that love, that peace… here.

I’ve always known we all do that. Each in our own way.

One of the things my mind remembered during my long healing was a song sung to me as a child. {No religious reference intended, words changed slightly to honor the divine as I know HER.}

Jesus bids us shine
with a clear pure light,
like a little candle 
 burning in the night.
In this world of darkness
SHE bids us shine,
you in your small corner
and I in mine.

This story was prompted by Sarah Begley . Thank you Sarah. It is so very easy to forget, in this place.