Wonder Without Words

24 January 2016. Sometimes known as stillpoint, as inner silence, as deep connection, the realms of wonder breathe and infuse into and through the quiet openings of infinite love-field Presence. Wonder breathes through the zero point field, as infinite and indefinable flows of essence. Felt in quiet moments. Lived as internally present calm that is Sourced as ease and grace. It is said that the eternal NOW is an acronym for Nurture the Oneness Within. What if there is yet another realm? Noticing Omnipresent Wonder. What if the ‘noise and haste’ of what is dissolving are merely distractions from this wonder, this open receptivity to what there is to become?

Words are useful, yes. Infinitely so, and more powerful than most might suspect. Yet, there is a wonder beyond words, a wonder that exists in sometimes-called mystical dimensions beyond thought and reason. A wonder that walks all worlds and, perhaps, is their very creation matrix of light expressed through every frequency.

It is this, this wonder, that beckons. This more-than-your-everyday-reality that breathes through it as it flows beside and beyond what seems fixed and physical and ‘real’. The neo-cortex of our brains has been trained to ignore this all-ever-present Source, this every-dimensional REALness. Experiences are created by filtering this ALL, this ONEness. Filters created to provide necessary function as one flows through experience after experience through the many worlds.

To find this ONEness, this wonder, is the simplest experience of any and all experiences in any and all and between every world. Within it one sees, feels and knows. And wonders… life becoming wonder-full as experience opens its vast ever-reaching ‘arms’ of love-light extending as far as far and into every droplet, each fractal of every waveform.

Let this wonder-full-ness find you. Allow its frequencies to permeate your every fibre, every cell, and alter every pattern and filter and frequency. There is no ‘back’ from this, this allwaysness. There is truly and only its ever-expanding, NOW. Are you ready to notice? Be noticed? Become a poster-notice for wonder-full? Where the heart is filled with wonder, no harm remains.

It comes highly recommended. As with anything ~ practice. Practice does not make ‘perfect’ it makes MATTER.

Published on my website, chaliceofwisdom.com

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