It was the men who claimed to love women. It was the men who told me to hold on to my girly accoutrements without acknowledging what they would cost me. It was the men who catcalled me on the street. It was the men who grabbed my breasts and touched my vagina without my permission. It was the man who had sex with me after I told him I didn’t want to have sex with him. It is the old guy in hospice who told me he liked my figure. It the butch women who patronize me in lesbian clubs. It is everyone who told me I could be so pretty if I just tried a little without ever understanding why trying to be pretty was not safe. It was all the people who demanded gentleness and compassion from me while simultaneously disrespecting me for being “weak.”
Femininity Lost
Emma Lindsay

Yes. And those who believe they love women while acting out their hate… and our own programmed hatred of ourselves and our bodies for being too vulnerable when we are what we are. Enough, yes? Thank you for the F word rant. You might only imagine how many times how many of us have said/thought/shouted/whispered just that.